Michaela Davey

Proper noun :
1) A 21 year old female student at the University of Cape Town.


2) An avid reader who loves to enthusiastically discuss books with friends, family, classmates … and strangers whether they are interested or not.


3) An introvert navigating an obscure course through an extravert’s world.


4) The author of Cinema Now Now, a blog that is interested in taking a looking at the film industry in South Africa, her home country.




As a child I grew up watching movies; they were mostly Disney and although one can criticise those films, they nevertheless ignited within me an intense love of film. Fast forward 21 years and I am now studying film and my love of it extended itself to include a love of filmmaking. One of my aspirations is to become a screenwriter, and I wondered if this dream, of successfully working as a creative in the film industry, was possible. Thus, Cinema Now Now was born, as I wanted to learn more about my potential career field.

“Now now” is a popular South African saying which implies that the action will take a much longer time than the immediacy of “now” suggests. The title of the blog suggests that while we have a South African film industry now, South African cinema is still something of the future. A reality where South Africa is producing more local films than foreign films is one which is still coming now now.

I think that writing and talking about local films is one of the ways I myself can support the South African film industry. If we can create a want in the South African public for more local films, than perhaps the Capitalist incentive will work in our favour and lead to more funding for local creatives. I feel like art is slowly reviving itself in S.A., especially in Cape Town. I see around me young people taking fresh approaches and creating wonderful things in art, dance, music and film. Being a highly creative person myself, I think that this creative energy needs to be fuelled, as art is one of the ways in which societies are reflected, critiqued, celebrated and remembered. Let us create high quality local films that we can send out into our communities and be proud of, and that we can send out into the world to destroy the stereotypes surrounding South Africa.

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