Film Reincarnate

Through the course of writing this blog I have learnt about many things in the South African film industry that I had never heard of before. Perhaps one of the most interesting not-so-secret secrets of this industry, is Retro Afrika Bioscope. When Ian Rijsdijk mentioned during the interview I had with him earlier this year that Gravel […]

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So, what do you do again?

WARNING: RANT ALERT. I’m at a family lunch, a friend’s birthday party, or even just standing in a store aisle when someone I kind of know asks me, “So, what do you do again?” This has happened so many times, because for some reason the term ‘general B.A.’ doesn’t stick to people’s brains as well […]

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Making the make-believe happen

According to the six degrees of separation theory, everyone knows someone famous. Well, after my interview with Anthony Silverton, I now only have one degree of separation from actor Liam Neeson. But, that is not the story that needs to be told. The real story is how Mr. Silverton went from being a man of science, […]

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